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Rookwood Tile & Architectural Elements


The Rookwood Pottery Company's commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship and detail makes it the premier brand of American-made Architectural Tile. Rookwood's reputation for excellence dates back to its founding in 1880 by Mariah Longworth Nichols in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded on artistic innovation, Rookwood’s progress into the modern age rests on a commitment to technological efficiency married with artistic imagination to unite its illustrious past with its present.

Rookwood’s original tile lines were in operation from 1902-1933. Rookwood reintroduced tile in 2006 with new, innovative tiles lines, and revived dozens of designs from the archives. Rookwood tiles can be used in both Residential and Commercial environments for beautiful and long-lasting installations.  

Empowered by its heritage, Rookwood continues to provide a first class design experience with its dynamic glazes and unique tile designs. Rookwood's design consultants assist in every step of the process to ensure that each project exceeds expectations. Rookwood strives to enrich the lives its customers and produce the most premier quality of artistic ceramics in America.

Rookwood Glaze

Rookwood offers three different glaze categories: Signature, Heritage and Studio. Rookwood’s Signature Glazes each come in beautiful matte and gloss finishes. These glazes have minimal color variation from tile-to-tile and can be used with all Rookwood Tile lines. Signature Glazes are a stunning compliment to both modern and classic installations.

With smooth, rich, velvety textures, Heritage Glazes offer a wide range of earth tones capturing true "historical Rookwood” hues. Recommended for historical restorations and replications, these glazes beautifully complement Craftsman and Victorian aesthetics, and more.

Entirely unique across every piece, Rookwood’s Studio glazes are fluid and complex combinations that create a wide range of tones and textures in each tile installation. Often containing variations of color within a single composition, this collection creates a one-of-a-kind installation with a stunning end result.

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